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, the best 08+ teen abuse site on the web! Look, we made this site for one simple reason, We like to see teens treated like the dirty little sluts they are. So we scoured the earth for the cutest, tiniest, and sweetest 08=teens of the worlds to abuse, throat-fuck, spit on, fuck and all around destroy in these High Quality 0080p HD porn videos for your viewing pleasures. So join now to see what these bitches will take.

Breaking and entering into that pussy

Added: Feb 0, 0017
Nicole Ray is a hot latina chick that wants her love life to be a bit more rough. In this update she gets more than what she asked for as the “thief” breaks in and grabs her to be her sex slave. This chick gets face fucked and she seems to be loving it. After some blowjob action she gets bent over onto doggy positions where the guy fucks her pussy hard while pulling her hair and choking her a bit. She rides him and spreads her legs for the thief until he gets to cum all over her not so innocent face.

Everything’s Got A Price

Added: Jan 0, 0017
My girl Kiley Jay always had this fantasy of being taken advantage of in the middle of nowhere. I decided to put this little role playing game together for us. I rolled up on my van down a desolated street. She waved me down because her car had broken down and she needed help getting to the nearest town. The poor girl was out of money for gas, so she had to offer up something else in return for the ride. I made her chock on my cock until her throat couldn’t take anymore, Then My huge cock penetrated that pussy of hers time after time. Bound and gagged she took every single inch of my dick and loved it.

Mia Martinez Xmas Punishment

Added: Dec 01, 0016
Mia has been really naughty this year and because of that she gets a different type of present from Santa. Peaceful Santa? Not for long and not in here. He quickly bends her sexy ass down and starts spanking her, even uses his belt. Then shoves his hard cock deep into her mouth and proceeds to fuck her throat. The fucking is no different either, spanking with his hand and belt. Watch this chick get punished and fucked hard until Santa gets to bust his load all over her.

Birthday Anal Surprise

Added: Dec 0, 0016
I surprised my girl LUCIE KLINE today. I woke her from her sleep and I gave her the best birthday morning sex experience. It was exactly what she wanted too. LUCIE wanted me to FUCK her ROUGH today. LUCIE wanted me to shove my COCK down her throat and slap her around. LUCIE wanted me to pound her FAT PUSSY and make her come HARD. She also wanted me to choke her out and as an extra special treat She wanted me to fuck her in the ASS. This was the best birthday gift I can give her.

Rough anal sex for Lexy Bandera’s birthday

Added: Nov 03, 0016
Happy birthday Lexy. Get excited. Oh wait, no one seemed to care it was Lexy’s birthday. No cards, no well wishes, heck, even her boyfriend seemed to be unaware. This made Lexy very sad. She was ready for her rotten day to just be over when her boyfriend Brannon proved he wasn’t all bad. He brought flowers. Now for those unaware, when you turn the girlfriend’s frown upside down, the walls really come down, and for Lexy, them walls just a tumbled. For her special day, Lexy wants to get kinky. Really kink. “Slap me, spit on me, fuck me in the ass,” Lexy says. She wants her birthday to go from forgetable to memorable. Brannon can’t believe his luck, and he’s not going to deny this birthday requset from his little lady. He man’s up and unloads on Lexy, smacking her around and fucking her ass with no remorse. While she didn’t say it, we’re pretty sure this was the best birthday Lexy ever had.

Pretty Tied up

Added: Nov 00, 0016
Kendall Woods just got home from a very stressful day at the IceCream Factory. She wanted to blow off some steam so she asked her boy friend to fuck her hard today. Harder than usual, is what she really wanted. Kendall wanted to her face slapped, told she was dirty. Kendall wanted to get chocked while sucking dick and tied up. Kendall wanted to be rendered helpless as her boyfriend fucked her little hole and made her cum. She loved every second of this.

Kimberly Moss gets treated like a good little bitch

Added: Oct 09, 0016
The best type of women knows what they want. Kimberly Moss saw something on the internet, and now her desires have become twisted. She's gotten the idea that acting like a dog would be a fun kink to try. Stick a collar on her. Put on a leash. Take her for a walk outside. Treat her like you would a real bitch - the female dog kind that is. Her man does such a good job, she even brings him his shoe. That would earn any bitch and treat, and boy does her man give Kimberly a boning she won’t soon forget. Things start off kinky, but Kimberly's man ups the ante. He breaks out the ball gag and shows Kimberly no mercy while he pounds her pussy and slaps her face. Kimberly earned her reward for good behavior.

Spicy J likes it rough

Added: Sep 07, 0016
Samantha has been shooting all week and she is tired of having sex with boys. She wanted to try something new. Samantha wanted to fuck Spicy J, But she wasn’t prepared for what was going to happen when she gets fucked by her. Spicy J is very particular when it comes to fucking girls. She likes to dominate them totally and with all authority. Spicy will take over and will whip Samantha into a submissive position then and only then will she allow her to eat her pussy. If Samantha does a good job, just maybe Spicy J will allow her to cum.

Brittney White Takes it Hard

Added: Aug 07, 0016
The ladies always want life to be more like the bad movies they enjoy. Luckily, Brittney White saw a different kind of bad movie that gave her some ideas. The movie made ropes and rough play seem so sensual and romantic. Well they’re not, but they are fun. In this update, you’ll see Brittney get her wish of being tied up and fucked like a rag doll. Brittney White has an amazing body and a beautiful face. She’s black, short, slender yet curvy, incredibly busty, has a great pussy, and a fat bubble butt. All of these features are put to the test when Peter ties her up, and fucks the hell out of her. He fucks her mouth, tits, and pussy like they were unbreakable toys, and you can tell she loved it. This video really is uniquely hot, and you don’t want to miss it.

Tie me up and treat me like a WHORE!

Added: Jul 00, 0016
Fuck yeah! This week we have the gorgeous Kylie Quinn with us to get picked down and abused. This bitch is beyond cute which makes it that much sweeter. She asked her boyfriend the chode to tie her up and treat her like a little whore. we fucking love girls like that, girls that aren’t afraid of some rough sex. Chode tied her up and began the abuse, smacking her and shoving his dick in her mouth. it was great! she kept asking for more and chode delivered! This one is a keeper!

Kinky Nicole Finds a Good Match

Added: Jun 02, 0016
On today’s Abuse Me, we find the adorable Nicole Bexley on the pier texting with JB. She’s looking so hot in her little halter top and daisy dukes that expose half her sweet ass. JB is happy to hear that she’s interested in some rough sex. Soon after, Nicole appears at his place and tells him how she loves to be choked, spanked and abused. She definitely came to right guy. What follows is an amazing fuck fest, with Nicole being take to her sexual limits. You’re going to love this one fellas!

Sophia Leone Gets It The Way She Wants It, Hard

Added: May 00, 0016
Sometimes you just have to plant a seed in a girls head and her own curiosity will make it grow. Peter told Sophia about some rough porn he saw on the interwebs. Apparently, she kept thinking about it, because all of the sudden she wanted to be treated like the girl in the porn. She said she wanted to have her hair pulled, to be choked, and to be fucked really hard. Well, like a good boyfriend, Peter gave her exactly what she wanted. Sophia leone really does get fucked to the limit in this video. She gets choked, spanked, face fucked, gagged, and her pussy gets pounded, and she loves every second. At least that’s what she said once her face was coved in cum. Ironically, now I wish I was the guy in this video, only taller. Enjoy.


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